Frequently Asked Questions


What documents do I need to apply for a job at my529?

You will need to complete the online application profile. You will also need to upload a cover letter and a resume to the application site. Tip: Place the cover letter and resume into one document to make it easier to upload.


How do I apply for employment at my529?

Please use this application site to complete your application materials and upload a resume.


Do I need a resume to apply for a job at my529?



Can I email you my resume?

No. To help us keep track of applicants’ materials, we request you upload your resume and a completed application through the application site. Application forms can be found on the application site.  


Do you accept paper applications?

We do not. To help us keep track of applicants’ materials, we request that applicants complete an application through the application site and upload a current resume.


Do I need to fill out the Employment History section of the application since I’m attaching an electronic resume?

Yes. The Employment History section requests details that may not be on a resume.


Do I need to provide references?

Yes. Please complete the reference check forms as requested.


Do I need to provide transcripts or test results?

Depending on the nature of the position, you may be required to furnish transcripts, test verification and results reports, or certifications. The job opening and application will provide more information if this applies to you.


How do I know if the hiring manager received my application?

The hiring manager has access to all application materials once you submit the documents via the application site.


What happens after I apply for the position?

The hiring manager will review your application materials, including your resume, and make an initial decision about which applicants to move forward in the recruitment process. At that point, all applicants who will not be interviewed will be notified. Interview candidates will be contacted to set up an interview. From there, the process may include additional interviews and skills tests in order to make the final selection. Candidates who are not selected will be notified. 


Will the hiring manager contact me if the job has been filled?

Yes. You will be notified.


Can I apply for more than one job at a time?



Does my529 conduct a background check?



I’m a veteran. Does my529 give veterans preference in recruitment?



What if I am being referred to a position by someone who already works for my529 or USHE?

That’s wonderful. You’ll hear about how great it is to work here.


How do I get to your office for an interview?

Please see the instructions under Contact Us.


Please view our sample FAQ